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Lack of reviews threatens to lose most of your customers.

They increase user confidence that the money will not be wasted in a couple of days


Here's a retelling of Forbes' material on how to convince customers to leave reviews on your site.

You can send a mailing list asking for feedback to a large number of people at once, but the same request increases the likelihood that you will be ignored.

Experts believe that sending out several letters in a row is the most effective. The first request is sent immediately after interaction with the client, the second - after a week. This increases the likelihood of receiving specific and detailed feedback.

A well-written social media post can be an easy way to gather feedback and feedback from a large portion of your audience. However, just like talking on the phone, a more personal approach will be more effective.

You can write to subscribers directly or chat with them on the company page. Write to those customers who bought or communicated with you not so long ago.

Most Internet users today read reviews before buying something: for them, anonymous advice from the Internet can be almost as important as the recommendation of a friend or family member.

But at the same time, people themselves do not leave reviews often - they simply forget to do it, even if they really liked the thing. Therefore, do not be afraid to remind yourself and ask them what they think about your product or service, and whether they will come to you again.

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