Proxy.Best rating widget

Setup instruction

It's easier than it sounds

First things first add this div to the right place into your HTML code:

<div id="proxybest-widget-content"></div>

Second thing second import script:

<script src=""></script>

Or you can use it locally.:

<script type="text/javascript"> <script src="proxybest_widget_v1.js"></script> </script> View script

Last thing last setup script.:

<script type="text/javascript"> GetProxyBestWidget( proxybest_widget_lang='en', proxybest_site_slug='proxy-spider' ) </script>

proxybest_widget_lang='ru' supports all Language code, that you can select on the current site. Slug can be found in the URL field. This is the name of your service.

For example, in the link: slug is represented as: proxy-spider

If you run into problems, you can Contact us